Sunday, February 15, 2009

And away we go...

So tonight Stephen and I are leaving for New Hampshire, with a stop over in Detroit at 4:00 a.m. I'm so stoked that I can hardly contain myself. It's an adventure! It's romance novel! It's New England! Stephen remembered his carsoma tablets, thank God, because last time we went on an adventure and he left them at home, he spent the whole time complaining. I can't wait to get back there and take some photos of the things I didn't take photos of before: family members, graveyards, ghosty places. The last time we did anything remotely exciting like this was when we both attended the Longbaugh Film Festival in Oregon. And now here we are, heading towards New Hampshire to experience some real fun!

We've sort of been wondering what to do while we're there since we'll have five days. I'm thinking maybe, if the weather isn't too horrid, of going back up to York, Maine for the haunted tour Stephen and I went on for our first anniversary. Or driving down to Salem, Mass. to see this really *totally* haunted building that is now owned by a law office. I wonder if they let tourists in?

Salem is such a rip-off though. Other than the truly historical houses, it's a capitalist paradise. You can buy gen-yoo-wine pieces of the hanging tree from the official museum of the witchhunt and all sorts of other garbage. But the cemetary is breathtaking, and some of the old houses are really fascinating. Just stay away from the touristy stuff.

Uniquely sweet

I have this friend in San Francisco, Nik Seizure, artist sculptor madman extraordinarre, who surprised me with a box of goodies on Valentine's Day. It just blew me away! He had been on my mind anyway, and I had decided to give him a call that evening after I got home. And here was this package from him waiting for me, with toy bugs, toy handcuffs, a little plastic heart with a plastic fly inside, a jumping little wind-up robot, a picture of him making a scary face, and various other fun things.

And one of the best parts about it was the element of mystery. The return address on the box had smeared off in the rain (hey, I live in Seattle, it rains here). So I opened the package thinking it was something I won on eBay. Then out spill all of these wonderful things, and I'm thinking, "this MUST be from Nik..." His picture finally confirmed that thought. Gods, it's just really good to have friends like him and after all this time of corresponding with him online (it's been two years!), I'm still sweet on him. Maybe someday I'll actually meet him in person.

My kitty cat craves...

Human flesh!!!

Not really, but I love him anyway. ;-)